The main workshop consists of three main areas, Woodwork, Craft area and Canteen.

There are 2 smaller areas within the woodworking area, solely for the manufacture and packing of kindling wood, This process is ongoing throughout the year.

For further information on manufactured items, see our price list

Please note that any orders placed with us are produced on a casual basis and generally, no completion time is given, with this approach, no pressure is exerted on the service users to complete any tasks.

Woodwork: Items are made here for the users own needs, selling in our shop or to meet orders placed through our shop and by hardware stores that we regularly supply.

We manufacture a vast range of items including Nest Boxes, Bird Tables, Bird Feeders, Squirrel Feeders, Rabbit Runs/Hutches, Benches, plus many more items made for the garden.

Users have the opportunity to use most hand tools required for the manufacture of the above items.

Kindling wood is prepared, packaged and stored by the users, ready for delivery to local hardware stores and coal merchants.

Canteen and Cleaning: The canteen generally operates with one user and one member of staff, the canteen gives the users an opportunity to learn basic money skills, hygiene and cleaning skills, the stock for the canteen is bought locally, users get to go out with staff to get stock.
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