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Price list (March 2021) Prices may change without notice
Products made at Workshop
Pet Supplies phone to check latest prices and availability
Bird Tables (approx. 5' high) from £30 (on a cross stand)
Wild bird seed 1/2kg, 1kg, 2kg, 3kg, 20kg sack
Bird Tables (approx. 5' high) from £35 (on a planter stand)
Peanuts 1/2kg, 1kg, 2kg,
Wall Hung Bird Tables £20.00
Sunflower Hearts 1/2kg, 1kg, 2kg,
Bird Feeders (various sizes) from £2.00
Fat Balls single / bag 5
Bird Nest Boxes (with small hole for Tits, Nuthatches, etc..) from £6.50
Meal Worms 225ml, 500ml, 1kg,
Bird Nest Boxes (with open front for Robins etc..) £6.50
Bat Boxes £6.50
Rabbit Hutches (approx. 3' x 18" x 18") £60.00
Rabbit Hutches (approx. 4' x 18" x 18") £65.00
Rabbit Hutches (approx. 4' x 2' x 2') £75.00
Sand bag 2kg,
Rabbit Runs fold up Rectangular approx size 4'x2'x18"  £50.00,, 4'x3'x18" £65.00, 6'x3'x18"£75.00,
Chicken Coop + Run approx size 4'x6'x3'h £250.00
Gold Fish Flake 45g,
Tropical Flake 45g,
Wheelbarrow Planters Small £10.00, Medium £15.00, Large £20.00,
Square & Rectangular Planters from £10.00 can be made to order
Trellis Archways 3'2" wide from £70.00 made to order
Compressed Hay approx  bag size 40cm x 30cm x 15cm
Trellis various sizes made to order
Compressed Straw approx  bag size 40cm x 30cm x 15cm
Fan Trellis 3'=£4.50, 4'=£5.50, 5'=£6.50, 6'=£7.50.
Compressed Shavings approx  bag size 38cmx32cmx12cm,
Garden Seats single £45.00 made to order
Garden Bench double £75.00 made to order
Fat Ball Feeders, 
Garden Bench With angled table in middle £90.00  made to order
Seed Feeders, various designs
Garden Bench With table in middle £90.00 made to order
Arbours from £100.00, made to order
Arbour With planters £125.00 made to order
Pub Type Bench (4'-5' long seats 4) from £100.00 made to order
Kindling Wood £1.20
Bug Hotels from £15.00
most items are in stock unless stated that they are made to order please phone to check availability.
phone or pop in for more details.
Many other items in stock or available to order

All items are stained with water based preservative

Colours and designs may vary and sizes are approximate.

We also have a selection of second hand books videos and bric-a-brac.
On sale from 10p
We offer a free local (within 3 miles of the shop or workshop) delivery service for orders over £10.00, If outside this area there will be a charge for delivery.
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Wall Mounted Bird activity Feeder from£20.00
Southampton Special Purpose Workshop
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Bird Tables (approx. 4' high) from £25 ( without roof)