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Recycling/Mechanical: This department strips old Mechanical items, photocopiers, printers, tv's videos etc... for recycling. Occasionally, computers are donated, these items are either stripped and the hard drive destroyed, if found to be operational, they are checked for electrical safety and rebuilt for the users to operate at the shop /workshop. All electrical items donated to SSPW come to this department for testing and if found to be of no use, are stripped by the users.
The Proceeds from recycling go into a recreational fund to help subsidise outings and also to replace small items that need replacing in the garage.
Tool Refurbishment and Recycling:   tools are refurbished to be used in the Garage and Workshop or made into ornamental items,. Any surplus tools are donated to worthy causes or are sold in our shop. Tools are stripped down, cleaned, repaired, sharpened, oiled, re-handled and generally sorted, in the course of refurbishment, users are shown how to use many different tools and the different techniques for cleaning.
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If you have any Mechanical items for our garage to strip down and recycle that you are able to donate. Please feel free to contact us. 
Anything from photocopiers/printers to cars/caravans, 
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